Endorsements from current and past clients:

"As a furniture maker I am just beginning to design my own pieces and advertise the work I have created.  I poured my heart and soul into this bed and when it came time to photograph it, I wanted someone who would approach their work from the same point of view.  Hali is a true artist.  He has a keen eye for detail and can visualize the perspectives that will bring a piece to life.  Beds are one of the most difficult pieces of furniture to photograph because they are so large it can be difficult to find a balance between overall feel for a piece and capturing the details.  Hali went above and beyond during the photo shoot to make sure he was able to capture all elements, and the edited final photos were beyond what I could have ever dreamed of having.  

While his artistic nature is easily one of Hali’s strongest characteristics, it is not the only thing he brings to a job.  He approaches his work with professionalism and attentiveness.  It was easy and fun to work with Hali because he made a point to communicate with me about what I wanted the outcome of the photo shoot to be.  He merged my ideas, with his knowledge to create the beautiful display that ultimately helped me sell a bed almost immediately.  Overall, I found it a pleasure to work with Hali and would definitely contract him for future photography, graphic design or website layout."

- Lindley Brainard, Furniture Maker and Owner, Ingredient L

"As the pottery manager at Miranda Thomas Pottery I worked with Hali directly and indirectly for years while he was employed at ShackletonThomas. Hali is a naturally gifted artist in both skill and vision. He is quick to learn and very self-motivated. He was wonderful to have in the studio, always very willing to do any task asked of him and always doing it thoroughly while at the same time keeping the space he was working in clean (a challenging task in and of itself in a pottery studio!). Hali is a thoughtful, compassionate person who is easy to talk to and most importantly has a great sense of humor. I asked Hali to be not only one of two people to take care of set-up and decorating on my wedding day, but also to be photographer. I knew I could trust him to be there on time and get things done the way I envisioned. I also knew I could trust him to make it look beautiful. Upon saying that, I would absolutely recommend Hali for any job."

- Jessica King, Pottery Manager, ShackletonThomas

"We have recently worked with Hali on keeping our website updated and fresh. He has also designed promotional cards and business cards for us. Elements of terrific technical capabilities combined with a keen sense of artistic design in addition to a reasonable fee were just what we got. He is a pleasure to work with and pops out good ideas from our vague suggestions, then makes swift modifications as we hone in on particulars. In a short period of time we feel his implementations have been very successful and we look forward to working with him in the future."

- William B. "WmB" Hoyt + Kathryn Bailey, Owners, WmB Hoyt Fine Art

"I have had the pleasure of working with Hali for several years on design, marketing and writing projects. Hali is a creative, well-rounded individual, who always produces excellent quality work on time and on budget. He is easy to work with, is thoughtful and dependable and well liked and respected by his colleagues. Given Hali's diversity of interests and talents, he is adaptable and can rise to meet the challenge of any task presented to him."

- Jason J. Drebitko, Founder,

"I have had the pleasure of working with Hali in several unrelated professional environments. With out exception I have found him to be efficient in his use of time, thorough in his work and professional in his communication and interaction. More importantly, Hali is skilled in ability to develop a concept and move it through the required phases to completion. His ability as both artist and designer is always evident; his work is always beautiful. He is my first choice to work with and I recommend him unreservedly."

- V Fiona Davis, Co-Founder, CSArt Upper Valley + Artist